Card of the Day: Nine of Swords

I tend to get mixed emotions when I get Nine of Swords in my readings. It is a card that really points to anxiety, insomnia, and overthinking, so when I see it I feel all the weight of those experiences. This card talks about a situation where worries might be overtaking (and is there a more appropriate card for the current situation?). It encourages you to acknowledge and validate what you are going through. And that’s why I also feel warmth and reassurance from the card. It reminds me of being kind and gentle to myself, and how that can already ease things a little. When it’s the right time, it also suggests to look for more practical things that might help in letting go of those challenging emotions and thinking.

Bottom line: acknowledge what you’re going through and when it feels right, think of ways to help you ease things.

Sending lots of strength ✨

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