How can I deal with difficult emotions?

For me these are often jealousy, anger, guilt, anxiety, but they will be different for each of you!

General energy ✨

Eight of Swords. Oof. Obviously it’s a spread about difficult emotions, so it’s no surprise that the Eight of Swords is right here.. this card is all about feeling trapped, and specifically feeling trapped in your thoughts. You can walk away from those thoughts (the swords surrounding you) and shift how you are experiencing the situation (there is a beautiful landscape surrounding you when you move away from the swords/thoughts!) 💖

Heart of the problem

The Hanged Man (reversed). Right now it might be difficult to accept that things need to stall and slow down before they get better. The Hanged Man is a card about being able to sit with uncomfortable feelings and not push to resolve them or “fix” them. Try to sit with it and allow it to take the time it needs to take 🔥

One strength I can draw from – Page of Wands (reversed). Very similarly to what the reversed Hanged Man is suggesting, the Page of Wands reversed message is that you know when it’s better to wait before taking action. Trust yourself. It’s best to avoid resolving things when your thoughts are foggy. Wait until you have more clarity. You have done this before so you have the patience to wait. You got this! ⏳

Tip from the past ⏳

The Magician – you have all the power and tools in order to overcome this. Remember of the times you have faced difficult emotions. Remember how you were able to adapt your behaviour to approach each situation in the way that felt most right to you. This card is about acknowledging what’s within you and about exploring which parts of yourself feel more useful to address the current challenge.

Areas to work on 🔍

The Nine of Cups shows someone surrounded by things and people that make the character feel protected, secure and loved. The card talks about someone recognizing the beauty and preciousness of having this in their life. It also points at how this can easily turn into overprotective and defensive behaviours in order to maintain and protect those aspects that make us feel safe. As this card placement is “an area to work on” it encourages you to identify what you are being overprotective of when struggling with complicated emotions.

Tips from the future 🍩

Yay, this is a beautiful placement for the World. The World is about completion and about feeling whole. Know that once all these emotions are over, you will feel happy with the journey you have gone through and at peace with yourself. It will all be okay and you’ll be able to honour all the work you have done. You’ll be able to start looking ahead to more self-growth and great things to come! Honestly, well done

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