How can I nurture myself this weekend?

Card 1: Three of Wands 🌿 – reflect on your strenghts and what you already have that makes you feel safe and grounded. With that knowledge how can you start thinking about what you feel passionate to do next? Try writing, drawing or being creative to imagine your future with some concrete actions you could take in that direction.

Card 2: The Star ✨ – Nourish what has been left unattended or challenged for a while. You’re on the right path so find ways to practice gratitude to yourself and listen to your voice within for new ideas on self-growth.

Card 3: Three of Cups 💞 – What can you do this weekend to stay connected with your community / friends? Reach out to someone to tell them how much they mean to you, or find ways to feel that energy that comes from your community.

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