Explore who you are and who you are becoming as you find out what’s next on your professional path.

2021 is seeing a movement of people ready to stand up for themselves at work and claim what they should have always been offered.

This year has the energy of “walk up and leave if you are not valued as you should”, and I know there are many people out there who want to join in on this… but feel trapped in a vortex of reasons-why now is not a good time to.
If you are feeling burnt out or dissatisfied with your job but afraid to ask for what you need and want at work, or feeling confused on what to do next, you are in the right place.

I’m bringing an exclusive 1:1 coaching programme designed to uncover what you want and need to support your well-being and deepest desires – at work, and beyond.


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AWAKEN is an exclusive, high-level container for folks who are..

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Let’s dig deep on who you are and who you are becoming.
Jump on this exciting journey with me!

The benefits of tarot coaching..

Bridging life coaching with tarot is an extremely important practice to me. For me tarot has always been an opportunity for connection, collective reflection, laughter & hope.
Having such a powerful intuitive tool integrated in your life coaching sessions allows you to quickly uncover and deeply explore your inner truths and wisdom.
Tarot can be a vessel for your intuition, a channel for caring messages along your transformation journey.

During a session, you can expect tarot to be the anchor on a topic or challenge you are working through; the mirror bringing more clarity to any situation; the inspiration to take action; the source of guidance on how to move forward.
Many of my clients find that using tarot in a session can support them to quickly get to the root of a challenge, or provide helpful insights on how to approach something they are going through.
Specifically for this programme, tarot will support you to find clarity on your professional path, to find guidance on how to approach challenges along the way, and get insights on the self-care strategies you need along the process.

Working with me

Hey, I’m Ambra! I’m a queer witch, certified life coach, here to support you heal and disrupt capitalist conditioning and see yourself beyond your work.

Even though I have worked in campaigning in the charity sector for several years, I explored a multitude of careers: from baker of a tearoom to sociologist, to co-founder of an award winning enviromental design project.

I have been through many organisational restructures, toxic workplaces, and experienced starting a new job when COVID-19 hit. I have worked multiple part-time jobs at once, all while studying… so I know what it can be like to feel overwhelmed and trapped by capitalism.

It took me a long time to embrace what I really wanted professionally. To embrace my strengths as an introvert, and stop a pattern of people-pleasing that wasn’t really serving anyone.

For the first time in my life I feel confident on the professional path I have chosen and I can see myself stick to it for many years to come.

And that is because I have been building and working on allowing for it grow, change and adapt. For it to support and prioritise my well-being fully. 

Now that is not to say that it doesn’t come with its challenges… so I wanted to create a programme to support others like me who have found themselves wanting to change jobs and are feeling confused on what to do next, or are looking for self-care strategies during a stressful transition. 

If that resonates with what you are going through: AWAKEN is for you.

Join this exclusive 1:1 coaching programme to explore how to shape your professional path and prioritise your wellbeing every step of the way.



Nida, Public Art & Activism, Pakistan
The six months I spent coaching with Ambra have been the most reflective time of fifteen years of my career. I was standing at a point where every word like work, projects, creative aspirations and being part of feminist movements - all pointed in different directions. I needed someone to help me untangle and re-compose. Ambra carved a program to do exactly that and kept it flexible to attend to the need of the moment. She walks her feminist politics in every way and this is evident in her business model that is aware and transgressive of class, race, and borders - and is inspired by models of solidarity and politics of care.
Hannah, Teacher, UK
Working with Ambra has been truly transformational! I started my journey with her due to being in a very high-pressure job which meant I was often in crisis management, firefighting situations on a daily basis. This made it feel almost impossible to tend to myself because I was in an almost constant state of fight/fight/freeze mode. In just 3 months of working with Ambra, not only did my response to work change (thanks to boundary setting, practical strategies and shifts of perspective) but my work itself changed, radically within 3 months. I've come out of it wanting more space in my life for things that are not work. This, I think, has been perhaps the most invaluable take away!
Evangelos, Communications & Social Media Strategist, Greece
I have so many take-aways! As human rights activists, we usually think collective care is a win-win and sometimes forget about setting boundaries and self-care or the other way around. Ambra helped me grow, nurtured my self-awareness and nourished my trust on my boundaries. This led me to be a better friend, partner and ally. I now have the tools to be present both personally and professionally and with higher chances of preventing a future burnout as I’m now reading signs and being proactive. Highly recommend her coaching offerings.
Selene, Teacher, Hong Kong
Within the first session, Ambra was capable of targeting some of my recent concerns. She could empathize with my emotions whenever we were entering a more sensitive topic – yet addressing my concerns with stimulating questions. Ambra helped me focus on what I needed and wanted for myself during a challenging phase of life. Thank you, Ambra!
Lesly, Campaigner, France
Ambra is such a wonderful coach! She is incredibly perceptive and compassionate, and it's a real delight to work with her - never feeling jugded, always feeling heard. Her guidance was always really on point, and working with her has helped me get a better understanding of what self-care means for me and what tools work for me, while finding the strength and putting systems in place to help me prioritise my needs. It helped me break patterns of constant overwork, to set healthy boundaries and to walk through huge changes in a very uncertain time of my life with serenity. This has truly revolutionised my self-care, I absolutely recommend working with Ambra!

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