Do I have to be an activist to join?

Absolutely not! This coaching programme is for anyone who is feeling overwhelmed and would like to explore how to practice self and collective care more deeply. It has some elements that are specifically for people who are interested in doing social change work, but these can apply to any kind of caring labour you might be doing in your life.

I have never had a tarot reading before. What should I expect?

An amazing experience! Tarot is a great tool for self-reflection and a powerful way to tap into your intuition. I read tarot intuitively and during a reading, I encourage you to engage with the cards to see how they speak to you. We don’t necessarily look for predictions on future events, but rather focus on finding clarity and inspiration through questions that centre your agency to make transformation happen. In this specific programme, we seek tarot guidance to deepen your self and collective care practices.

How do the sliding scales work? 

For this programme, I offer 3 sliding scales. They all have payment plans options so that they are more affordable and approachable should you need that. Please choose whichever sliding scale you can afford, no questions asked!  Here is some general guidance you can refer to when choosing, but I am aware that each of our financial situations is complex and this is only covering a few aspects of the hardships you might be facing. Please choose whichever sliding scale feels fair to you. 


  • Sliding scale 1 is for folks with a stable job that covers well beyond their basic living costs. Lots of savings and not having to worry about any potential unexpected costs coming your way. 
  • Sliding scale 2 is for folks that can cover their living costs with ease. They might have a little bit of savings and support networks that can help them with any additional or unexpected costs.
  • Sliding scale 3 is for folks who are on lower income and may find it difficult to get to the end of the month. As part of my reparations efforts, sliding scale 3 is also for all BIPOC. Finally, this is also the sliding scale to choose in case your income is in a currency that is not British Pound, American Dollar or Euro. 
  • Scholarships: If you are unemployed or none of the sliding scales and payment plans are accessible to you, please keep your eyes peeled for scholarships as I will be opening 2 scholarships spots. 

Do you offer currency adjustments to your pricing?

If payments in British Pounds make all of the sliding scale options inaccessible to you, please get in touch with me. I work with clients globally and I am always happy to consider a variety of solutions to ensure that my services are serving people based all over the world.

Do you offer refunds?

Refunds are not offered for my coaching programmes. However, if you have any challenges during the three months, we would always find a solution together. If you are new to my services and would like to ensure we are a good fit, I would also encourage you to book a free discovery session before booking.

What happens if I need to reschedule a session?

Life happens! If you have to reschedule you can do so, ideally with 24 hours notice, by rescheduling the session for the same week. This is to ensure that you are keeping on track and that the programme design is serving you best. If for any reason it’s not possible to reschedule within the same week, don’t worry! We will find an alternative, but all the sessions will need to take place within 3 months.