Embark on an enchanting journey with the Elements to deepen your self-care

Enrollments for 2021 have now closed! If you’d like to be added for the waitlist for the next round let me know at ambra.thriving@gmail.com

It takes a lot of self-love and community support to take the rest needed, to experience joy, and take actions that feel aligned.

It is with this awareness that I want to bring to life a space where we can do just that.

A space where we can have fun, hear ourselves and our bodies more clearly, listen to magickal messages from Air, Earth, Fire & Water, and heal.

A space where we can be in our Element.

Where, despite our low spoons, we can come together, chat and cook some easy to make food as a form of healing.

Where we craft rituals, mix drinks, put some music on and see what connecting with the Elements inspires us to do for our well-being.

A space to cheer each other on and encourage rest, moments of joy, more of we want of.

A space to hang out and thrive, even if for a minute, or maybe sixty!

A space for the coziest, toasty Autumn together.

Does that sound like just what you need right now? Join me for this experiential course to create a deeper bond with the Elements!

This is for you if you want to...

What is included...

Ultra-caring package

And.. if you’d like 1:1 support on your self-care, I’m also offering an ultra caring package! It includes everything mentioned above PLUS:

Our season together

Enrollments for 2021 have now closed! If you’d like to be added for the waitlist for the next round let me know at ambra.thriving@gmail.com

Why work with me?

As I was healing an intense burnout, all the self-care tools I had learnt, or was aware of, didn’t seem to work for me. I was feeeling stuck and disconnected, confused as to who I was and what brought me happinness.

Then I realised that self-care wasn’t there to fix what I was going through. Embracing self-care as a way to lead with what my wellbeing needed, rather than to “fix” my problems, showed me that it had to change overtime and be 100% tailored to me. Interacting with Air, Water, Earth and Fire opened a portal to imagination and creation where self-care simply felt like living. By feeling more connected with the world around me, I could move away from the kind of self-care that felt like yet another thing to be ticked off the to do list, and rediscover what brough me joy. There simply isn’t a single thing that “will do the trick”. The self-care we need transforms as we transform. If you feel like you keep saying to yourself that you need to “move more!”, “meditate”, “sleep early!”, but don’t actually feel like doing those things – you might just be pressuring productivity on yourself, and trust me: I have been there. This is why I love self-care recipes. They are my tool to create a personalised version of what helpful looks, feels and smells like. Self-care recipes have allowed me to reflect and plan so that I can hear my needs and explore how to best respond to them. To know what my challenges might be and find new ways of approchaching things. And… I want you to know how to do that too! Are you ready to completely shift your of self-care?

Enrollments for 2021 have now closed! If you’d like to be added for the waitlist for the next round let me know at ambra.thriving@gmail.com

Working with Ambra has been truly transformational! I started my journey with her due to being in a very high-pressure job which meant I was often in crisis management, firefighting situations on a daily basis. This made it feel almost impossible to tend to myself because I was in an almost constant state of fight/fight/freeze mode. In just 3 months of working with Ambra, not only did my response to work change (thanks to boundary setting, practical strategies and shifts of perspective) but my work itself changed, radically within 3 months. I've come out of it wanting more space in my life for things that are not work. This, I think, has been perhaps the most invaluable take away!
Ambra is such a wonderful coach! She is incredibly perceptive and compassionate, and it's a real delight to work with her - never feeling jugded, always feeling heard. Her guidance was always really on point, and working with her has helped me get a better understanding of what self-care means for me and what tools work for me, while finding the strength and putting systems in place to help me prioritise my needs. It helped me break patterns of constant overwork, to set healthy boundaries and to walk through huge changes in a very uncertain time of my life with serenity. This has truly revolutionised my self-care, I absolutely recommend working with Ambra!
Ambra was so attuned to what I needed during our sessions together. I was having a particularly rough week and I got an email from her saying: “I'm feeling some resistance to sending you the self-care tarot guidance for the week, like it needs to wait.” I was stunned and so grateful that she picked up on that energy and adjusted our session accordingly. Ambra’s the real deal! I would hire her again in a heartbeat.

On inclusivity and accessibility

As the person creating this programme, it feels important to share that my lived experience is shaped by being a white queer, gender-questioning peep struggling with a variety of mental health challenges, who grew-up in a middle-class context.

I care about creating spaces that are inclusive and accessible, and I believe that I continuously have to keep questioning and learning what that means in practice, especially in the spaces I facilitate.

At the very minimum, you can expect the following:

  • Racism, homophobia, transphobia, fatphobia, ableism, and hate speech of any kind, are not tolerated.
  • I will be proactive in calling participants in if I hear something problematic, and will take any concerns that are raised to me or to the group seriously. Where harm is caused, I will centre the voices of the most marginalised in the group, and facilitate resolution where needed. 
  • An environment where participants feel comfortable to do what’s best for them e.g. move, take breaks, not participate in some conversations, etc.
  • Encouraging active listening and consider how privilege might affect group dynamics
  • The sessions will be captioned* and recorded and will be supported by written workbooks. Sessions are held on Zoom and can be participated in via the group chat as well as through video interaction. There will be no pressure to participate in any particular way other than what feels comfortable to you. *Captions will be provided by Zoom Auto-Transcription: I’m aware these are not the most accurate, but it’s where I can meet the group at this stage with a commitment to improve over time!
  • Trauma-sensitive environment: bring awareness and attention to the fact individuals in the group might be carrying different and complex trauma experiences which require our collective care. In this sense, also encourage the use of Content Warnings
  • Consent-led practices – ask for permission, no unsolicited advice, etc.
  • Financial accessibility: even though I usually offer sliding scale options, on this occasion I am trialling using tailored payment plans instead. I’m making sure that this results in offering at least one full scholarship spot on the programme for those who would benefit from taking part but are low-income or unemployed.