Revolutionise your self-care with tarot

If you care about social change, about transforming the world or even just your community, chances are you are deeply emotionally invested and passionate about it.


This fiery force that pulls you towards working for systemic transformation can make it hard to build and hold boundaries that allow for your own nurturing because there is a sense of urgency hard to brush aside.


It becomes easy to push and postpone your needs, deep rest and even your own dreams, down the bottom of the list.


But guess what! We can disrupt these patterns. There is another way.

A recipe to radically transform what caring for yourself and others looks like

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The idea that:

…is a product of capitalism. And you already know it.


So, what about disrupting those forces that tell us things need to happen in this way? Reframing the unreasonable expectation that in order to have impact we have to be responsive in a specific way, all the time? Making change with more ease, interacting with discomfort without fear.


Learning to nurture ourselves and our communities by following our intuition, by being radically honest with each other, by claiming and loving our boundaries.

Let me accompany you as you become your own self-care revolutionary

Self-care MAGIC is for you if:

Self-care MAGIC will support you to..

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Nida, Public Art & Activism, Pakistan
The six months I spent coaching with Ambra have been the most reflective time of fifteen years of my career. I was standing at a point where every word like work, projects, creative aspirations and being part of feminist movements - all pointed in different directions. I needed someone to help me untangle and re-compose. Ambra carved a program to do exactly that and kept it flexible to attend to the need of the moment. She walks her feminist politics in every way and this is evident in her business model that is aware and transgressive of class, race, and borders - and is inspired by models of solidarity and politics of care.
Evangelos, Communications & Social Media Strategist, Greece
I have so many take-aways! As human rights activists, we usually think collective care is a win-win and sometimes forget about setting boundaries and self-care or the other way around. Ambra helped me grow, nurtured my self-awareness and nourished my trust on my boundaries. This led me to be a better friend, partner and ally. I now have the tools to be present both personally and professionally and with higher chances of preventing a future burnout as I’m now reading signs and being proactive. Highly recommend her coaching offerings.
Selene, Teacher, Hong Kong
Within the first session, Ambra was capable of targeting some of my recent concerns. She could empathize with my emotions whenever we were entering a more sensitive topic – yet addressing my concerns with stimulating questions. Ambra helped me focus on what I needed and wanted for myself during a challenging phase of life. Thank you, Ambra!

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