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My approach

I care about creating a non-judgemental space for clients to feel listened to, where they
can find support while feeling in charge of their change. I create the conditions for a safe
and empathic relationship and put effort in building trust. I don’t shy away from asking
powerful questions and pay attention to centring the client’s subjective experience as
what is most important, to motivate them to self-actualise and find confidence in
themselves and their perspective and aspirations. 

Coaching with tarot

Reading tarot for me has always been an opportunity for tender connection, collective reflection, laughter, and hope. That’s why bridging life coaching with tarot is an extremely important practice to me. It is a wonderful tool to uncover and explore our inner truths and growth journeys.

I read intuitively, using each card as a self-reflective, planning and story-telling tool in our coaching session. Tarot can also provide guidance for journalling prompts and further reflection in between sessions.