Drop preconceived ideas of what self-care looks like, and discover what works for YOU with the Elements!

Have you ever thought of self-care as a recipe?

Based on what you are in the mood for you make up your meal. Maybe you create your own recipe, or maybe you follow a trusted cookbook. You might decide based on what you already have at home, or plan ahead to make it all happen. The key is listening to your needs and allow your imagination and intuition to respond.



Would you like to learn how? Join my Masterclass! 
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During this masterclass you will make a self-care recipe from start to finish and learn how to:

Understanding your needs through intuition
Connecting with Air, Earth, Fire & Water to get inspiration on what feels most nourishing and supportive;
Identifying challenges and finding ways to overcome them.
Knowing how to listen to yourself while practicing self-care
Paying attention to the insights that emerge from your experience so that you can make changes whenever needed

NB: Although self-care recipes can be actual food and drinks recipes, please note this is not going to be the focus of this masterclass. You can see a self-care recipe as a strategy part of your self-care plan e.g. setting boundaries, spending quality time with pals, morning pages, ect. More info on my upcoming self-care recipes course with actual cooking involved coming soon!

Self-care recipes are for you if...

Why self-care recipes?

As I was healing an intense burnout, all the self-care tools I had learnt, or was aware of, didn’t seem to work for me. I was feeeling stuck and disconnected, confused as to who I was and what brought me happinness.

Then I realised that self-care wasn’t there to fix what I was going through.

Embracing self-care as a way to lead with what my wellbeing needed, rather than to “fix” my problems, showed me that it had to change overtime and be 100% tailored to me.
Interacting with Air, Water, Earth and Fire opened a portal to imagination and creation where self-care simply felt like living. By feeling more connected with the world around me, I could move away from the kind of self-care that felt like yet another thing to be ticked off the to do list, and rediscover what brough me joy.

There simply isn’t a single thing that “will do the trick”. The self-care we need transforms as we transform.

If you feel like you keep saying to yourself that you need to “move more!”, “meditate”, “sleep early!”, but don’t actually feel like doing those things – you might just be pressuring productivity on yourself, and trust me: I have been there.

This is why I love self-care recipes. They are my tool to create a personalised version of what helpful looks, feels and smells like.

Self-care recipes have allowed me to reflect and plan so that I can hear my needs and explore how to best respond to them. To know what my challenges might be and find new ways of approchaching things.

And… I want you to know how to do that too! Join my Masterclass on 07th September to create your first and fully personalised self-care recipe inspired by the Elements.


Are you ready to completely shift the way you think of self-care?