Give yourself a comfortable space to reflect

Collective tarot readings to self-reflect, heal & grow

I hold monthly collective intuitive tarot readings to support people with their self and collective care practices. We come together on each New Moon to set intentions during the lunar cycle and come up with a plan of action. 


This is for you if you would like a collective space to self-reflect and receive tarot guidance on how  to respond to your needs and those of your community. 

New Moon Self-care Circle

This is a collective tarot reading to explore how to deepen our self-care intuitively. Happens monthly on the New Moon.

Lunar Self-care bundle

This is a bundle for two collective New moon self-care readings. Start by booking the earliest reading available in the calendar and I’ll automatically register you to the following one.


Reduced prices on my collective self-care readings for anyone who might be in a challenging situation. Book through the link above, no questions asked.

Loving words from clients

Loving words from clients

The reading felt like a safe space to explore the deeper emotions and forces of my life. It is quite rare to have someone take the time to transform your questions into a pattern that then provides meaningful advice, and to do so in a calm accepting way. The reading provided just the right balance of reassurance and call to action and I left feeling more at peace with my current situation and what I needed going forward. I really felt that Ambra was able to access insights made possible by her gift for reading tarot, which made the reading feel entirely relevant to me and my situation.
Ambra did a great reading for me in 2020 during a difficult period. She was super receptive and kind, working with me to come up with the best question for my situation and using the reading to offer really helpful points of reflection.
VERY soothing, accurate and all over lovely reading on the topic of self-care. Ambra is so great in giving both the all over meaning of the card and also what it means to her. We had great chats through the reading that reminded me of things I needed to release and ways to move forward. Highly recommend, especially RN when we need some hopeful treats.
I had a tarot reading with Ambra during what felt like a very chaotic time of my life. It was online but I was made to feel so comfortable throughout. Ambra guided me through what was to be expected throughout the readings. I loved my experience and it was great to reflect on life at the moment. I was able to refer back to my readings as time went on for further reflection.